March 22nd, 2009

I love my hand!

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I just planted swiss chard, cilantro, basil, spinach, garlic, pumpkins, yellow squash, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, jalepenos, lupines, and nasturtiums. Let's see how many of the plants actually grow. Maybe next weekend, I'll rip out the grass in the side yard outside the kitchen, put in topsoil, and plant some berry bushes. Weeee!
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If my cat spoke English, this would be half our conversations...

Bouncer: Ade!
Ade: Bouncer! *pets*
Bouncer: Pay attention to me!
Ade: I am! *pets*
Bouncer: SNUGGLES!
Ade: Ok, snuggles. *snuggles*
Bouncer: No more. I'm going to go now.
Ade: Ok...
Bouncer: [in the next room] Aaaaaaade!
Ade: I'm in here!
Bouncer: [comes back in] Pay attention to me!
Ade: Ok, ok... *pets* You're awfully needy.
Bouncer: Pet me more!
Ade: Snuggles?
Bouncer: No! Wait... yes. Snuggles! *snuggles*
Ade: Happy?
Bouncer: I'm hungry now.
Ade: You have food.
Bouncer: That's the dry food. It's ok, but I want the canned food.
Ade: I gave you some yesterday.
Bouncer: WANT MORE!
Ade: *sigh* Ok...
Bouncer: YAY! *omnomnomnom*
[5 minutes later]
Bouncer: [with food all over her nose] Pay attention to me again!
Ade: Ok, tuna breath.

Meanwhile, this would be my conversation with Yarmulke.

Yarmulke: Hi.
Ade: Hi!
Yarmulke: Please pet me.
Ade: Ok. *pets*
Yarmulke: Maybe I'll sit next to you.
Ade: Good!
Yarmulke: Maybe I'll sit on your lap... wait no, next to you.
Ade: That's fine.
Yarmulke: *zzzzzzzz*
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