April 1st, 2009


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I finally finished my novel! Yay! Took me long enough... It's called "Annie, Goddess of Bad Weather." Here's the plot:

The story begins thousands and thousands of years ago, during the dawn of humans. When Annie is only 5, her family is killed in an earthquake, and she's adopted by neanderthals. They eventually kick her out when she's 14, and she has to survive on her own. She soon discovers she has the power to control the weather, and she decides she wants to train to become a god. But the school for the gods only accepts boys, so she disguises herself as a boy and moves to the school. At the school, she becomes friends with Andy (a volcano god) and Maggie (also disguised as a boy), and the three of them have crazy adventures. One day, she finds a weird stone out in the middle of the woods, and it hatches into a dragon. So she learns to ride the dragon, just in time for war. Loki and Odin tricked Odin's son into helping them start a war among the gods, so Annie, Andy, and Maggie ride into battle on a dragon. And then they have pie.

So, that's the book. What do you think?
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