April 6th, 2009

I love my hand!

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I keep seeing the same 3 people in my dreams. It's kind of unnerving. I mean, 2 of them are good friends, so I don't mind dreaming about them, but the third is someone I've cut out of my life, and I hate that the person still dwells in my unconscious. In the most recent dream, the person was hostile and lunged at me, but then Bouncer pounced on me and woke me up (I should thank her for that). It's just kind of weird that it's these 3 people in particular. Maybe my unconscious thinks I have some unresolved business with them, even though I've tried to resolve whatever I needed to resolve. *shrug*

Also, over the weekend, I had a dream that my coworker's mom died, and today I found out she died on Saturday. I'd heard she was kind of on the way out, but the dream still weirded me out.

Anyway. So, the books in the April Fools fake novel plot-stealing prank are: Clan of the Cave Bear, Harry Potter, Alanna: The First Adventure, Eragon, and American Gods. Combine them all, add my characters, and you get something bizarre and ridiculous. That fake plotline still cracks me up.
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Baby Ade!

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So, according to Katie, my cousin Allen's wife Angela is pregnant again. No surprise there, I knew she wanted more kids (Jaden is... almost 2 now, I think). Yay, another little cousin to corrupt play with!

Speaking of babies, I found out that singing lullabies to cats doesn't make them shut up. Oh well.
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