April 9th, 2009

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

Writer's Block: What is your name?

In my dream, there was a large cat waiting outside the back door at my friend's house. It was mostly white with some black, and I let it inside. I realized it was a baby snow leopard, and I wondered if I should keep it. It snuggled up to me, resting its paws on my shoulders as if it was giving me a hug. I wanted to take it home with me, but I worried that when it got bigger, it would eat my cats (and me). Plus, there are laws and stuff. So I decided to find a zoo that would take it.

If you were to have another name, what would it be?

Frances P Knuckleschmiter!

...even though I don't like the name Frances.

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My mom and I went to dinner at Table 22 tonight. The seating hostess looked just like Bristol Palin. And she was pregnant. I was very amused.
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