April 18th, 2009

I love my hand!

Writer's Block: Strange Conversations

What's the best conversation you've ever had with a stranger—on a bus, in an elevator, at a cafe, etc.?

I generally avoid talking to strangers except for standard politeness in stores and restaurants. But every once in a while, I get into interesting conversations...

Cashier guy at Petco who set off my gaydar: So we have all these bottles of expired Pepsi, and I just drank a whole bunch of them. Man, I am so constipated...


Big black 40-ish cashier guy at Lowe's: You look familiar.
Ade: Uh, I come here all the time.
Guy: Didn't we used to date?
Ade: No.
Guy: Are you sure? Back in '93?
Ade: I was 10!
Guy: Hey, I'm a pervert, what can I say?