May 4th, 2009


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I really should stop my bad habit of not eating regularly. Today and yesterday, I decided, "hey, I'm going to do several hours of yard work," without eating first. I spent like 3 hours outside today, mostly weeding and stuff, and I also cut down this big overgrown shrubbery by the side of my house. I went inside when it was starting to get dark, and I suddenly felt dizzy and weak and realized my stomach was gnawing itself apart because I hadn't eaten an actual meal all day. (A few handfuls of Cheez-Its and some apple juice don't count.) But I'm like this. If I don't have a routine eating time, I just won't eat until I'm starving and can't take it any more. I really need to stop it.

On the other hand, I'm proud of my mad sawing skillz, and now I'm wondering if I should just leave the stump or try to dig it out. Woooo.

I kind of ache all over now.
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Last night's dream was weird as hell. So, in the dream, I was talking to Rose, and she was talking about some girl she knew. Apparently the girl's friends had raped and murdered the girl's little brother, then chopped him into pieces, wrapped them in newspaper, and left him for his mother to find. (Hmmm, now that I think of it, that REALLY reminds me of Judges 19... the Bible is full of all sorts of fun horror stories!) So anyway, then it was like I was watching a movie of it, only I was playing the sister. So I looked at the bits of ex-boy all chopped up and plopped on newspaper on the floor, and they started to move. Apparently the dead boy was a zombie, and dismembering him didn't really kill him. So he somehow managed to put himself back together perfectly, so that you couldn't tell he had ever been dead (or undead), or even chopped up. The only thing that was different was his fingers. His nails were slightly longer, black, and pointed, and one of his fingers was bent funny and wiggled a little.

I looked at undead boy and suddenly knew he wanted revenge. I was worried that he'd be after me and try to kill me, since I was playing the "sister," even though it was apparently the friends who had done the raping/murdering/chopping. I took a good look at the boy and suddenly realized he looked a lot like Rico from Hannah Montana, only his hair was light brown. Apparently his mother came home, and he was talking to her while she was out of the room. He kept grabbing knives and stuff, and I was standing there thinking he was going to stab me or something. I wondered what it would feel like to die. But he acted like he didn't see me, and he was just moving things around. Then he was walking around this house, talking to everyone (apparently I was one of the only people who knew what had happened to him), and not really acting like a zombie. But I knew he was just biding his time. There was also apparently a little zombie dog that looked like Nancy's dog Cody, and it just skulked around growling. I wanted to ask zombie boy something about his role in this movie we were apparently in. Also, the guy who plays Oliver from Hannah Montana was in it, and I was talking to him.

I got impatient waiting for him to kill me, so I finally called Rose and asked her what happened. She said "he killed them all," but apparently someone managed to shoot him and take him down. I asked about the zombie dog too. Apparently the dog survived and is waiting, alone in the house, just growling and being a zombie. I was still worried about the zombie dog when the dream ended. And then I had another dream that part of my house was like some sort of shoe store, and I wanted to call the shoe company and tell them to take all their crap out of my house, because I needed the space.

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