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6th May 2009

9:25pm: Hey everyone,

Go to Oprah.com right now and print out your coupon for a FREE meal from KFC. Completely free, NSA. They're really pimping out their new grilled chicken. But you have to print it out by midnight tonight. It's good until the 19th. And you should probably wait until after 8 pm to go get the chicken. I went around 8:30 tonight, and there were only a few people in there (the drive-thru was packed though). The lady there looked really overworked and said that there had been a huge line all day, and she had earned her paycheck. I said they should pay her double. She thanked me, and I think she was so relieved that someone had acknowledged her that she gave me a second meal too. Yay, two meals for the price of none! So here's a shout-out to all you KFC workers, you rock for putting up with the Oprah coupon craze.

Oh, and the new grilled chicken? Not bad. Not amazing, but not bad.
Current Mood: chipper


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