July 10th, 2009

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I had this dream last night that my mom and I went to this place that was simultaneously a tattoo parlor and museum-ish info place (they had booklets on archaeological stuff, which was the main reason I was there). Then my mom decided to get a tattoo for some reason, so she got something on her calf. It apparently hurt a lot, so she was having trouble walking afterwards. Then for some reason, I decided to get a tattoo also, so I was flipping through a book of designs and wondering what to get. I guess I was going to get a picture of an old lady in a goofy outfit on my arm, but then I decided I didn't want that. I was debating either getting a lightning bolt on my finger or a pair of little green wings on my shoulder blades, and I decided I was going to draw the wings so the artist could tattoo them. And then we were parked outside a woodsy area, and it started to rain. So tons of cute little cat-sized boars started running all over the place and gathered in this little barn/fence area.

I woke thinking "holy crap, did I just decide to get a tattoo? Wait... no. Good."
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