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13th July 2009

10:21am: I had a dream the other night that I was going to Pennsic. For some reason, the troll tent had turned into a hotel lobby, so I went to the front desk to check in. Then I had to go wade in the lake up to my chest so someone could give me information about a feast. I walked out, soaking wet and wanting to change. So I went to find my car so I could unload it and get settled in. But I couldn't find my car anywhere. I walked around this big parking lot (not the grassy hill parking lots at Pennsic) for what seemed like hours. At one point, I walked into this gas station, and it was raining and dripping water and gasoline all over me. I was pissed off, because it was getting late, and I wanted to change, and I hoped people weren't worrying about me. There was also this running track going around one area, and people in mundane clothes were running on it.

That reminds me, I should probably start getting ready for both Confluence and Pennsic now. I'll probably put everything off until the last minute, though. I hope Andy gets a chance to make me that yurt.
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3:47pm: So, I'm thinking of switching vets. I usually take my cats to East Suburban Animal Hospital (where my mom takes the kitties), and I took them to the spay/neuter clinic in Penn Hills to get snipped, chipped, and clipped. I wanted to make an appointment for the gray tabby to get checked out (I haven't named him, because I know if I name him, I'll end up keeping him, and I'd rather find him another good home before I get too attached), but I couldn't get through to ESAH today. I read a bunch of reviews online and saw that Monroeville Pet Hospital got really great reviews and a Reader's Choice award, so I made an appointment with them. I guess we'll see what happens. I like ESAH because they're nice, and my cats have always liked them (even little old Belle, who avoids most people), but they make you wait a long time before they'll see you, and MPH is closer. Anyway, I hope the kitty is ok (he seems fine, though he has a couple teeny bald patches on his head). I want to make sure he's healthy before I let him in the same room with my girls. I feel bad keeping him shut in one room all alone. He's very friendly, and he'll take any attention he can get.

In my dream last night, I drove up to Meadville. I couldn't remember why I was there or what I wanted to do. It didn't look like Meadville at all (places in my dreams rarely actually look like the locations, for some reason), but it was. I realized most of my friends no longer lived there, since we're all old and graduated and stuff, though I could have visited Francesca. But it was apparently almost 10 pm (though the dream happened sometime in the early morning), and I didn't want to bother anyone. And there wasn't much to do at that hour, so I just walked/drove around. For some reason, I hoped I would run into Rose, even though she's in Ohio. Then I saw one of my old high school friends (who didn't go to Allegheny, and I haven't seen her in a few years) sitting at a table with some other girls, and I went and said hi.
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