July 21st, 2009

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I decided to go with Galahad. I had a hunch, so I went with it.

I got some of those fake cheese slices yesterday. It was supposed to taste like cheddar. I found it rather bland with a hint of flavor that wasn't anything like cheddar but vaguely cheese-like. I didn't try melting it yet, but it apparently melts well. I wasn't impressed, but then again, that's probably because I bought cheese slices that try to resemble processed cheese, and I hate processed cheese. So I'll try something else.

We have a new dress code at work that they decided to implement yesterday. Before, we were ok basically wearing whatever, and if someone important was coming in, we'd get an email telling us to dress appropriately that day. But now I guess we have to dress appropriately all the time. Sigh. I guess that means I should go shopping, or at least get another pair of shoes. Though I know very little about clothing.

Speaking of shoes, I got my kid-size period boots in the mail yesterday. They're a wee bit narrow (I have wide feet), but once I break them in, they should be fine. The soles are kinda slippery on carpet, but I'll mostly be wearing them outside, so that doesn't matter. I've never had pointy shoes before, so this should be interesting.
"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Experiment #1: Taco Bell

So, I decided to test out my new magic lactose pills tonight. I figured Mexican food would be a good starting point, since the cheese always bothers me. So I got a 7-layer burrito and a chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell. The burrito is usually ok and has a minimal effect on my stomach, but the quesadilla has given me trouble before. So I took the pill right before eating.

It's been a couple hours. I don't have that weird feeling in my belly. I have a slight feeling of maybe-I-shouldn't-drink-that-raspberry-tea-that's-sweetened, but that's about it. Hmmm. I'll consider this experiment a success. I'll try the pills with other foods that have given me problems and see if it helps. If it means I can eat anything I want at El Campesino again without suffering later (aside from ensuring that people will leave me alone in my own little "cloud"), I will be overjoyed.
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