July 23rd, 2009

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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In last night's dream, I was walking through a really big house. I was apparently playing WOW for the first time (I was reading a webcomic that referenced WOW before I went to bed), and I thought I needed to go around and grab one thing from every bookshelf so I could level up faster or something. There were TONS of shelves lining the walls. So I went around, grabbing things and putting them in my pockets. I came to an area that had all sorts of tchotchkes on the shelves, so I'd grab one from each shelf (they had some interesting gnomes). I suddenly remembered that I had inherited the place from someone, so all the shelves were mine. I walked into another room that was full of toys and games, and there were cubbies of fuzzy marionettes. I kept thinking I needed bigger pockets.

So! Megan is coming to Pittsburgh tonight! Yaaaaaaay! And Confluence is tomorrow! YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!ZOMG
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