July 26th, 2009


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Phew. What a weekend. Confluence was awesome, as usual. Some of the usual suspects didn't go this year, but it was still fun. I even met a few new people, which was cool. We kept meaning to order pizza and make ramen, but we didn't. But it was great hanging out with some of my best friends and goofing off and stuff. The writing exercises went pretty well, I think. There was a decent turnout, and the results were entertaining. And it was Zan's and my 5th fake anniversary. Wooo! And yes, I did enjoy the porn panel. It was entertaining. And we all love seeing Diane blush.

So I'm tired and mentally burned out and definitely need several days of alone time to recover from all that socialization. But I did go to Bonnie's house this evening for ice cream and games, and that was fun. And my cats somehow destroyed their water dispenser while I was gone. They apparently had a major feast while I was gone. I left them 3 heaping bowls of food and a full water dispenser, plus about half a serving of kibble that I accidentally spilled all over the floor. I was only gone for 48 hours, and they definitely had enough food and water to last that long. But when I returned, the food was all gone, and they had somehow ripped apart the water dispenser and chewed holes in it. Sheesh. I definitely left them a lot and was only gone for 2 days. Well, at least I had bought them one of those water fountains (since Yarmulke likes to jiggle the water dispenser and slosh everything around), so I set it up, and they seem to like it. Crazy cats...
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