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22nd August 2009

5:11pm: I got bored with the Runescape background music and decided to try Pandora. So it was good, and they were playing folky music, and then as I put in more artists I like, the genre progression got interesting. They started playing goth metal (not something I normally listen to, but I liked it), and then some rock, and then Linkin Park (hmmm, not really a fan), and then... disco? Ooookay. (I guess that's from including Abba.) Oh oh oh oh stayin' alive, stayin' alive... And now Cyndi Lauper! Awesome. Ok, I officially like Pandora now.
Current Mood: amused


5:56pm: Urk. Now it's playing Grease. Do not want! Oh well... that's what I get for putting in so many musicals...

*covers ears*
Current Mood: nothx

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