September 18th, 2009

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In my dream last night, I apparently had a big attic, and it was filled with all sorts of junk. The place was a horrible mess, messier than my house usually is, and there was so much stuff, I could barely walk in it. I had two people over, and I was going to show them something in the attic. I was friends with one of the people, and the other was someone I couldn't stand, and the two of them were basically ignoring me, since they were so wrapped up in each other. It was very irritating. I made my way to one corner of the attic, where there was one of those plastic kiddie "houses." It was shaped like a yurt, only smaller, and it was made of brightly-colored (mostly green) plastic, with little windows and stuff. Inside were three puppies. I think they were cream-colored, with curly fur, and really cute, but I was worried that they were pooping all over the floor and my stuff that was all over the floor. Then I saw a box of pet rats (apparently I had rats again, and since I threw out the old cages when Emeril died, my friend had made a makeshift box for them). They were nestled up in a folded-up blanket, and I was worried they were chewing holes in it and pooping on it and stuff. But since it was a cardboard box, they were getting out and running all over the place. I was worried, because my cats were running around the attic too, AND I realized I had a pet snake in a cage up there too. I was frazzled, thinking "WHERE DID ALL THESE ANIMALS COME FROM?" and worrying that the cute little rats were going to get eaten and all the animals were going to poop everywhere.

And I don't even have an attic. And I cleaned the cat boxes yesterday. Sheesh.

So a plumber came and checked out my basement today, because I have a new tankless water heater that needs to be installed. Apparently, in order to install the thing, they'll need to tear out most of the bathroom down there (which needs to be remodeled anyway, since it's teeny and claustrophobic). I don't care about the bathroom as much, I just want the water heater installed so they can take the old leaking one away and I don't have to slip in that chronic puddle of water on the floor. (Even when I mop it up and put a fan on, it keeps returning - fortunately, it eventually leads to a drain in the basement floor.)
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