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7th October 2009

10:18am: Last night, I found out that there's a new season of Hell's Kitchen on, so one of these days I'll have to spend several hours watching the episodes I missed online.

One of my coworkers went to Japan for a few days (her husband went on a business trip there), and she brought back some Japanese snacks for us. Apparently I'm the only one that likes some of them, but I'm the ethnic food junkie here. *sigh* I wanna go to Japan... but not the cities. Somewhere quieter and not crowded.
Current Mood: okay


12:18pm: I definitely just saw a chicken try to cross the road. I was leaving work, going home for lunch, and when I turned out of the parking lot, I saw a tan hen wandering around the side road. I assume it lives at the house behind my office, but I've never seen chickens there. Or anywhere else in the commercial section of Murrysville along 22, for that matter. It waddled into the driveway when I slowly approached, and I hope somebody found it and brought it somewhere safe.

I need to go to Goodwill at some point and pick out some nice dress clothes to shred and cover with blood for zombie day on Sunday. I've never done the walk at Monroeville Mall before, so I'm excited. But apparently there's also a gun show that weekend at the convention center next to the mall. Hmmm. This could potentially get verrrrry interesting.
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