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11th October 2009

9:48pm: The zombie walk was fun. I'd never done it before, and there were a lot of people there. I bought the ugliest dress I could find at Goodwill (tan with pink flowers), coated my face and arms in makeup (which was rather weird, because I have sensory issues and can't stand makeup, lotions, chapstick, etc.), and staggered around the mall with Colin for a while. There were all sorts of zombies there. Some of the more interesting costumes included Santa, zombabies, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, an entire wedding party (there were a bunch of brides/grooms, but these people really coordinated it well and even carried dead flowers), protesters with signs saying things like "zombies were people too!" and "choose unlife," a nun, and of course, Michael Jackson (in "Thriller" costume). That was pretty cool, except they took forever to get the crowd inside, and Colin and I hate crowds. And I found out that fake blood stains skin, and it takes some scrubbing to get it out.
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