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14th November 2009

12:01am: For some reason, I've been really bipolar this week. Like giddy and bouncing off the walls and then sluggish and cranky a few hours later. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm going to blame the fact that I've been eating too much candy recently. (Hey, I had half a big bowl of leftover Halloween candy... no sense letting all that delicious chocolate go to waste!) But on the plus side, I finally went grocery shopping, so now I have food! Yay! And I went to Toys 'R Us and didn't go overboard this time. I just got presents for my little cousins. Ok... and a couple reusable shopping bags with cute animals on them, but the point is, I didn't buy myself toys this time! Because I have a tendency to go wild in toy stores. Kind of like I do in craft stores...

So I was listening to Pandora this evening, and then "Hey Good Lookin'" by Johnny Cash came on. I'd never actually heard the song before, but I remember my parents singing it like 20 years ago. Interesting.

I'm learning to write scripts at work (programming scripts, that is). It's tricky because I'm learning on my own, using a couple outdated manuals since they apparently don't offer an updated Framescript manual online, which is annoying. But I managed to figure out how to write a script for a simple issue that will save us about 15 minutes a day, so I'm proud of that.

I really shouldn't start more than one crafting project at a time... but I started like 3 at once. Silly Ade...
Current Mood: crazy


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