December 19th, 2009


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You know you're getting old and boring when you blog about the office holiday party, and not because your boss got sloshed and started dancing on the tables, singing showtunes and wearing his wife's feather boa. (That didn't happen, sadly.)

First of all, I was driving around trying to find the damned country club for an hour. An HOUR. In the dark, when the roads were covered in snow. The place is 15 minutes from my house. I plugged the address on the invitation into my GPS (and double-checked on the internet before leaving), and it took me to the middle of a residential area. I called my dad, and the internet wasn't really helping him either. So I called my mom, and she told me it was in the opposite direction, like 2 miles from the street address, and I finally got there. I was pretty annoyed and frustrated.

So I went inside, and then my social awkwardness set in, and I was thinking, oh crap, where do I sit? I only knew about 1/3 of the people there. (I guess the others were spouses and Westinghouse people that sort of work for Enercon at the Waltz Mill site... I know all their names and employee numbers since I enter their timesheets, but I've never met any of them.) The people I know fairly well were at full tables, so I went over to an empty one. Then I told myself, no Ade, this is not the first semester of college. You go find a table and sit with people and talk to them, dammit. So I went over and asked some people if there was room, and they made room for me. Yay, slightly less awkward.

Though I was in a room full of Grownup Types, I sat next to Jen, the other office baby. (She's my age, but she works in the other building, so I don't see her as much.) We eventually got into a big discussion on cats, and at one point, her husband commented that he was sitting in the Cat Lady section. So I was social! Yay!

(Being social at a party and not doing the panicking-and-feeling-horribly-awkward-and-fleeing-ASAP thing is a big accomplishment for me. I have extremely crippling social issues, and it's a wonder I even have a job and leave my house once in a while. If I'm with people I know and like fairly well, I'm fine, but if it's an unfamiliar situation with mostly people I don't know, I freak out and have anxiety attacks.)

Oh! And I'm also proud of myself for trying something new. Well, not entirely new, but something I hadn't eaten in ages. The dinner choices were kinda limited, so I ended up with chicken and salmon. I hadn't eaten salmon in over 15 years. When I was really young, I liked salmon, but then I didn't when I got older. I just don't like fish. But I made myself try the salmon tonight. It wasn't bad. I mean, it wasn't good either, and it was kind of bland, but it was edible. So yay for trying something different.

And then when I got back home, my car got stuck halfway into the driveway, so I had to shovel the end of the driveway enough to get the car onto the flat part. Weee. I should really shovel the driveway and sidewalk, but I know I'll just procrastinate, like I always do.

Also, Moravian spice cookies are awesome.
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