January 12th, 2010

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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In my dream, I got a puppy. I didn't know what kind it was going to be, but I got a box (about the size of two shoe boxes side by side) and brought it into what was apparently my room, shooing the cats out first. The box was oddly still, with no air holes, but this didn't seem unusual in the dream. I set the box on my bed and opened it. The puppy was in a clear plastic bag (which was open on one side), as if it was some prepackaged, store-bought thing-in-a-box. It looked like it was part dalmation, part something else, because it was kind of brown and fluffy in some areas and lean and spotted in others. I pulled out the puppy, and it lay still, with its eyes closed. I worried that it was dead, so I rolled it over and put my fingers on its chest, feeling for a heartbeat. As I poked around its ribcage, I felt/heard a heartbeat, so I started rubbing the puppy's chest to see if I could wake it up. Eventually, its little limbs twitched, and it opened its eyes. Then it turned into a little boy with a light brown bowl cut, maybe 3 years old. The boy sat up and smiled. He said something, but I don't remember what, and threw his arms around me. I just kind of sat there, wondering what the heck was going on. The boy got off the bed and knelt on the floor. But as soon as he knelt, he turned back into a puppy and fell unconscious again.

I was apparently in some sort of mini fighter jet, and I was speeding around inside some building. Another jet was after me, so I quickly sped into a room and closed the door. I was hanging out in there with the puppy, and I went to take a shower. Afterwards, I went to the door, wrapped in a couple towels, and opened it. My coworker (who had apparently been chasing me in the jet) stood there looking kind of annoyed, and I explained that I was trying to take care of my sick puppy.

I was sitting in some sort of food court-ish area, telling someone about the puppy. I realized that I had a couple broken bones somehow, and when I had felt the puppy's ribs, I felt a broken one, and it was somehow actually my own broken rib. I contemplated going to the hospital and really dreaded it. Then my puppy walked by, only it had grown bigger and had apparently recovered. I told the person (I don't remember who it was, just some random dream person) I thought the puppy was half sheepdog, half pit bull, because its head kind of looked like a sheepdog, but its legs looked like a pit bull.

I woke up wanting a puppy, but not a half-dead one.
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Something I've been meaning to post for the past two weeks:

A year in retrospect

Every year around this time, I replay the past year in my head. I contemplate what has changed in my life, whether good or bad, and then compare my current situation to the previous year's situation. I guess a lot of people do this around the new year.

2009 didn't start off with a bang, but more of a sneeze, as my little cousins had given me a cold when I visited family in North Carolina after Christmas. They gave me another one at Thanksgiving. Next time I visit them, I should wear a HAZMAT suit or something, because I'm tired of getting the plague every time I see them. I don't get sick very often, being a hermit and all, and having half a dozen kids jumping on you at once is very... germy. Fortunately, I missed the plague while visiting again after Christmas (probably because I had just recovered), though I've had a lingering cough for a month now.

I gained two new family members this year. On the 4th of July, a friend brought over a friendly gray tabby her neighbor had abandoned. He quickly made himself at home and told me he didn't plan on leaving, so I took him to the vet, named him Galahad, and let him stay. Bouncer was not very happy when she heard she had a new brother, but she got used to him, and Yarmulke likes him when he isn't chasing her or sabotaging her snuggles. He's definitely an attention whore, always the first to greet me when I come home and the first to jump in my lap the second I sit down.

The day after Thanksgiving, my cousin Jasmine Rose Conway was born. (With a name like that, she'll definitely be a tomboy.) It was also my sister's 20th birthday, but the baby stole her thunder (muhahahahaaaa). We went to visit her in the hospital a few hours after she arrived. She was a big baby, over 9 pounds. (They actually moved the date of the C-section up a week or so because she was so big.) But everything went well, and she and mum are healthy, so that's good.

Nobody in the family died, but Don Willard and Allen Mack (two of our Lake Champlain neighbors) died. I think they were both in their 80s. It seems like most of the folks up at the lake are getting old and dropping off... of course, many of them have always seemed old to me, since they already seemed ancient when I was a wee little whippersnapper.

And age seems to be creeping up on me too. It's kind of unnerving, since I still consider myself a little kid (with a house and job), but I've found 9 white hairs and a few teeny, faint wrinkles. I know 26 is technically not old, and I still look a lot younger, but it's just weird seeing these changes starting to happen. Soon I'll be parking myself on the front porch with a shotgun, barking "you kids get off mah lawn!" and smelling strongly of cats.

I was actually slightly more social this year, especially in the second half. I joined a couple local groups and made some new friends. Yaaaaaay!

Work is work. House is house. Life goes on. I rang in 2010 on the couch with my cats. Woohoo.

Resolutions from last year and how they turned out:

1. Work on my damned novel already. I have like half of it written. I just need to fill in the gaping spots and edit the thing into submission. And then I can start sending it to agents and paper my walls with rejection slips.

Well... I worked on it a bunch. It still needs a lot of work before I finish the first draft, though.

2. Be slightly less vegetable-ish. As in, "get some exercise, you lazy fatty!" But realistically, there are very few physical activities I consider fun enough to do on a regular basis. Maybe I should get a trampoline. Those are fun. Andy has been bugging me to play DDR too.

I got a Wii Fit. I've used it maybe 6 times. My cats like to sit on it. But hey, I lost a few pounds at Pennsic, so... yay?

3. Be less of a slob. I've made some pretty drastic improvements in the last year, but I still have a lot of improving to do.

Yep, failed at that one too.

4. Get all my Runescape skill levels to at least 70 in the next few months and get a dragon chainbody. Yes, I'm a total nerdface, but this I will totally accomplish, because right now, I only have like 6 skills in the 64-69 range, and dragon chainbodies keep dropping in price.

Ah! I can proudly say I accomplished these feats months ago! Huzzah!

5. Go outside once in a while. I have a yard. I need to do occasional yardwork (or at least pay one of my manservants to do it). I planted about 130 bulbs a few months ago, so hopefully the front flower bed will look fabulous once spring rolls around.

I planted more bulbs and attempted to grow veggies. The front flower bed did look pretty awesome, and hopefully the bulbs I planted in 2009 will look awesome too. And I got a bunch of yellow squash and roma tomatoes. As for mowing/shoveling, though... I still fail.

6. Cook stuff once in a while, even if it's just for me. Remember: spaghetti is quick, easy, delicious, and cheap! (Just like your mom.)

Yep, fail.

New goals!

1. Repeat last year's goals, except #4.

2. Be more active in the SCA, especially on a local level. I decided I need to decide on a name by Pennsic and make some new garb. I'm going to accomplish this, dammit! (Janet!)

3. Bake more often. Baking is awesome. Yes, that sort of goes with #6, but #6 is about making dinner once in a while, and this is about making more pies and cookies, because pies and cookies are delicious.
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