January 18th, 2010

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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The new baby is still adjusting to the bathroom. At least he's eating and using the litterbox now. He's been hiding and sleeping a lot, but he does like being petted, and he purrs loudly. He tries to flee when I pick him up, but if I hold him and pet him, he'll stay put and purr. So we're getting used to each other, but he's definitely not ready to meet his new brother and sisters yet. I think I'll introduce him to Galahad first, when he's ready, since Galahad is the friendliest and didn't hiss when he smelled kitten on my hands. Then after that, he can meet Yarmulke, who is friendly too, though she hissed a little when she smelled kitten on me. I'll save Bouncer for last, since she has the hardest time adjusting to new cats/people. She's not necessarily aggressive, she just gets nervous and hisses/swats. I'm not expecting any epic cat battles, especially since the new guy is just a baby (though he's nearly twice the size of a normal 3 1/2-month-old kitten, and his paws are the size of an adult's), but there will be some tension and hissing going on for a few weeks. Galahad seems very interested though, and he'll lurk outside the bathroom door.

I'm contemplating names for the new guy, though I'm waiting to see how he acts once he comes out of his shell. I'm thinking of calling him Hagrid, because he's huge and fluffy and seems really sweet.

In other non-cat-related stuff, D&D was particularly interesting this weekend because we ended up fighting a sorceress who was basically Lady Gaga. She was floating 20 feet in the air in a cavern, summoning zombies, and singing "whoahohohhhhhh," and at one point, I got "caught in a bad entrance." We eventually tied her up and took her with us, so we'll see what happens. Heh.
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