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25th January 2010

9:19am: I had this dream that I was driving on Northern Pike. I'm not sure where I was going, but I was going through the intersection at Stroschein Road, headed west. I was either listening to or thinking of some sort of blend of Tori Amos songs for some reason. I know one was "Tear In Your Hand," and I think the other was "Taxi Ride." (And now they're both stuck in my head.) I think I eventually went to work, but my coworkers were going to watch a movie instead, and I thought about taking a nap. I walked into a room, and random Disney characters were in there. Aladdin was there, and some villainous man was talking to him and trying to convince him to do somethingorother. Some princess was just standing around (I think it might have been Cinderella), and I wasn't sure what was going on.

Then I realized that it was my room at my mom's house, only it wasn't at her house, just kind of in a generic dream location. But apparently it wasn't really my room any more, and it now belonged to a girl I don't like. There was a combination of her stuff and my stuff in the room. I brought a bunch of stuff in there and planned to leave most of it there. I had made a big mess, and most of it was in a big pile by the bed. I think I was actually making garb in there. (I did start making some garb last night, and I figured out how to work my sewing machine, but the tension was way off, and it was getting late, so I didn't sew it yet.) I was trying to clean up some of my stuff so the girl wouldn't get mad and think I was taking over her room (which was really MY room, bitch!), but I wanted to leave most of my stuff there. I think I was rearranging stuff on shelves and trying to fold the fabric I was using. The girl had some interesting stuff in there, like a green toilet seat and a laptop with her journal on it. Then I was talking to one of my friends (I'm not sure if he was there or if it was over the phone or something), and I knew the girl could hear me. But I was just talking about my kitten Hagrid and how I was making garb.

Hagrid is doing a lot better, by the way. I examined him yesterday, and his eye wasn't red any more, his nose looked clear, and I didn't see any ulcers on his tongue. He's more energetic and friendly now, and he really wants to explore beyond the bathroom. So that's really good.
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10:58pm: Hagrid is feeling a lot better, and he's eager to explore. I let him out of the bathroom today, and he's been running around, acting cute, aaaaaaand using the scratching post without heading for the couch first! He's very interested in the other cats, and sometimes he'll follow/chase them around (they tolerate him, but sometimes they'll hiss if he gets too close). He's so energetic and happy right now, it's funny. I let him run amok while I was at work, and when I came back, he was hiding under the bed, but once I brought him into the living room, he was ready to socialize and run around. A week ago, he just wanted to sleep (partially from the stress of a new environment, partially because he was getting sick), and now he's bouncing around and trilling in this teeny, high voice. He's a good little man. He's huge for a baby (I think he's around 4 months old, yet he's nearly twice the size of most kittens that age), and pretty soon, he'll be the biggest cat in the house. But Maine Coons tend to reach impressive sizes, and they don't reach their full size for 3-5 years. I'm thinking this guy is going to be a 20-pounder someday, and I might have to leash-train him because he'll be too big for the cat carriers. (Hey, Maine Coons are pretty dog-like anyway.) But I really like that he's using the scratching post. It's good to see him being energetic and kittenish, instead of just hiding and sleeping all the time.

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