February 7th, 2010

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I had many strange dreams last night, but the most interesting part was when a two-year-old boy climbed into my lap and serenaded me with "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy."

I woke up this morning around 11. Since it was a typical Saturday morning, I sat in bed for a while before trudging downstairs. I was playing a very addicting game on my iPod Touch when the phone rang. My dad told me his power was out, so I checked mine. No power. I had hot water, though. I looked outside and saw a very thick layer of white over everything. Half my neighbors were outside, shoveling away, building 5-foot walls of snow on the sides of their driveways. I eventually went outside and shoveled my walk. The snow came halfway up my thigh, and I would have built a snow fort if I was wearing waterproof gloves. (I really should buy some and then build a fort... that would be awesome!) Now my armpits are sore. The power came back on in the middle of the afternoon... for about 5 minutes. Then it went out again. So my dad came and picked me up since he had power. According to my neighbor, the power came back on around 8.

This has been an agonizing reminder of how powerful my gaming addiction can be. I kept wanting to go online and play, but I couldn't. I had some power left in my computer and iPod, but I really wanted to go online. So I just did a few sudoku puzzles and read a couple chapters of Anansi Boys. (I've been really bad about reading, lately... I'd rather be gaming, and that's sad.) The house gradually got colder, and the cats seemed to get a little anxious, but they're probably ok if the heat is back on. They have fur coats, and Hagrid is a Maine Coon, so he's especially cold-tolerant. At least my hot water worked. I do love long, hot showers.

The snow is just amazing. I took a bunch of pictures and will post them on Facebook soon. Tomorrow, we're going to tackle my driveway. It should be interesting... and exhausting. Annie, the goddess of bad weather, really outdid herself on this storm.
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