March 4th, 2010

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I think last night's dream took place in Meadville, because the town looked similar. I was in a car (I don't remember if I was driving or not), looking out the window at the different establishments, and some of them had weird names. I went into a building that looked like an empty McDonalds. I think I was waiting for my family, and they were in another part of the building. Then Zan joined me, and I forget what we were talking about, but I think I was supposed to be packing my stuff because we were going to leave soon. Then she disappeared, and I went to sit down by the windows. Xavid soon joined me, and then I noticed there were all these fruits lying on the ground. I realized it was a game, and I ran around, stuffing the fruits in my mouth (I hope they were clean). Xavid said that I was looking for the ones with special seeds in them, because I could collect them and redeem them for somethingorother. He told me to just eat the fruits I liked the best, because time was running out, and I wouldn' have time to eat all of them. So I was stuffing my face with fruits, looking for these special seeds. Then I found a tomato lying there (it was about the size of my fist). I decided to shove the whole thing in my mouth, so I did. Xavid started laughing, and then I was laughing with my mouth full of tomato and trying not to spew it everywhere. Then apparently my girl scout cookies came, and I guess the Tagalongs came in a big clear bag, instead of a box. I tore it open and found that some of them were broken, but I started eating them. Then Katie came in and told me to share, but I wanted my delicious Tagalongs for myself. Though I remembered that she also ordered girl scout cookies, and I had to give her the boxes she ordered. (When I was buying them from my neighbor, I did call and ask Katie if she wanted any, and she ordered some.)

I hope the dream means that the girl scout cookies will be arriving soon. I really want some now.
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