March 18th, 2010

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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The construction people have almost finished the new roof thingy over the front porch, and it looks good so far. The thing is, they trampled the hell out of the front flower bed in the process. I was excited to see my bulbs coming up, and now they look sad and smooshed. I hope they'll still grow anyway. The bulbs in the small patch on the other side of the porch are coming up nicely, and the dwarf irises are starting to bloom. Some of the other bulbs I planted in various locations have started sprouting too. I like bulbs, because you basically plant them and leave them alone, and then they look amazing. I have a brown thumb, so I'm just thrilled when I plant something and it doesn't die.

I bought some gladiolus bulbs, so I'll plant them at some point, but I'll have to remember to dig them up again in the fall. I also got some random seeds so I can attempt to garden again. I picked mostly seeds that sprout and do well even when neglected, like yellow squash, nasturtiums, and peas. I had a good crop of yellow squash and nasturtiums last year. I'm also going to plant some berry bushes and maybe dig out some of the grass by the new retaining wall so I can have more gardening space. Right now, there's just a bunch of squished dirt at the base anyway. I'm trying to gradually reduce my lawn size every year and put the yard to better use. The dwarf pear tree survived its second winter here, so I'm wondering if it will fruit this year. It should be about three years old now, so that's a possibility.

Speaking of growing things, Hagrid's tail gets floofier every day. It's like he has a duster attached to his butt. I wish he dragged it on the ground, it would help sweep up the place nicely. He just plopped down on the bed next to Yarmulke, with his tail in her face, and he keeps swooshing it and annoying her. He's so funny.