April 9th, 2010

Baby Ade!

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In my dream last night, I was in some sort of office building. Apparently, this company was making human embryos by injecting stuff into these little fluid-filled bubbles (eggs?) until they swelled up a lot, and then they put them in capsules. Well, one guy who worked for the company was leaving, and the company refused to give him his own embryos, and he was going to sue because they were denying him his future children.

I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to be taking care of a couple embryos (I don't think they were mine, I was just looking after them), and I ran to my old room at my mom's house. There was a box (about the size of a large shoebox) at the foot of the bed, and I opened it. I didn't remember how long it had been since I had checked on the embryos, maybe a couple weeks, and I hoped they weren't dead. I suddenly started to panic, wondering if I'd get arrested for letting a human embryo die. There was a plastic bag full of bugs in the box. There were all kinds, from worms to centipedes to beetles to flies, but they were very unusual, and some of them were pretty and had intricate patterns on them. The bag had apparently been there as long as the embryos, and I figured that if the bugs survived, so could the embryos. But the bag was leaking, and some of the bugs were crawling all over the carpet and the other stuff. I pulled out a plastic domed comtainer (about the size of those old sea monkey aquariums) and the instruction manual. I looked inside the container and saw one embryo (it was in a small plastic capsule, about the size of a large vitamin pill), but the inside of the container was full of this crumbly pink and orange fungus. The manual said that I needed to wash out any mold in the container, and I wondered how I was going to do it. I also wondered if I should be keeping human embryos in small plastic capsules, since they grow a lot, and they should have some sort of nourishment. I wasn't sure if the one in the capsule was still alive, but I hoped so.

I woke up briefly and considered the dream while I took a potty break. When I went back to bed, I had another dream, where I was sitting on my mom's couch. There was a baby girl lying face down on the floor, squirming as if she was trying to crawl. She was probably only a few weeks old, she had an inch of black curly hair, and she wore a white shirt and light purple pants. I don't think she was supposed to be my baby, but she might have come from that embryo I was looking after in the previous dream, so I felt sort of responsible for her. I reached down and picked her up (I never got to see her face) and realized she had a long black strap attached to either a wrist or ankle, that also attached to this plastic tag-like thingy (like those little plastic things that attach tags to clothing) that went into the back of her hand. I realized I also had one of those strap things on me, and I decided to take it off. The tag thingy went into my skin, and the other end was just under the surface, so I cut it with my pocket knife and tried to fish out the other end of the plastic tag thing. I wanted to take the strap thing off the baby too, because she might get tangled in it, but I didn't want to do it without asking someone first, and I didn't want to accidentally cut the baby. There were a bunch of random vague people in the kitchen, but I really wanted to ask my dad about it. But then I woke up.

Weird. I hope I'm not forgetting to take care of any human embryos in my room. That would be bad.
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