May 8th, 2010

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I had another interesting zombie dream last night. I was with a friend (let's call him #1, since there will be more), and he apparently lived in this big lofty apartment surrounded by windows. He had four birds, and they were rather small but had very elongated bodies and tails. They just sort of sat there on the perch. I guess one of the birds turned into a girl I don't get along with (let's call her #2). We didn't say anything to each other, but we helped #1 board up the windows, so the zombies wouldn't get in (even though this was at the top of a very tall building). But then #2 raised her arm, and the screwdriver she was holding went flying out the window. I suddenly got very worried, because a) we had just lost a screwdriver, and b) the enormous sheet of glass would have shattered when the screwdriver went through, and c) there was no glass there to shatter - just a huge open window.

Once we realized there was no glass on most of the huge windows, we decided to leave. We went out into the hallway and met up with friends #3 and #4. As we walked through the halls, we passed several zombies, but they didn't really attack us. #3 walked up to a mother zombie pushing a stroller with a toddler zombie girl. She said she remembered when the mother and kid would pass her on the street, and the zombies smiled very sweetly at her, even though their eyes looked possessed and their mouths were covered in blood. She smiled back, then cut their throats as nicely as she could. We walked out the building, into the streets, where cars were whizzing past random zombies wandering around. I guess the five of us all held hands, and I had to hold hands with #2, even though neither of us wanted to. Meanwhile, #2 spent most of the time complaining to #1 about how they should leave me behind or kill me or something, because she didn't want to be around me. #1 was basically ignoring her, and I kept my mouth shut, even though I really wanted to shove her into the arms of a zombie and let her fend for herself. After all, the bitchy one will just attract more zombie attention and will probably end up dying horribly. At one point, I finally spoke up and said we needed to resolve this and get along, because when you're fighting zombies, you can't worry about petty squabbles, because it puts the entire group at risk. Besides, whatever issues we had were in the past and didn't matter any more. But she didn't listen.

We walked into a store, and I wandered the aisles but didn't find anything particularly useful. There was a little old lady running the store, who also sold homemade pies and stuff, but I didn't want any (though I did pick up a package of little sheets of pie crust, which I ate as we left).

Then we were in the hallway of a big building, fairly high up. There were zombies around, but we had apparently set up base in the intersection of three hallways (bad idea?). We were hanging out there, healing any wounds and killing off any zombies that approached. For some reason, #2 and I both decided to leave and go out looking for stuff separately (yes, that was a bad idea too). Apparently, she was looking for pants and shoes, and I don't remember what I was after. I went out, and I think I had a katana and dagger with me. But then when I was fighting a zombie, something hard came down near the side of my wrist and either cut it or broke it. So I returned, and one of my friends put this sheet of tape marked "heal" on it, and then it was fixed. (I apparently had several other pieces of marked tape on me... I guess that was how we healed.) #2 also returned, but I don't remember if she was injured or not.

A girl came down the hallway towards us, holding a bandaged raccoon. After we decided she wasn't a zombie, she asked if we could heal the raccoon and told us there was a group of survivors who wanted to join. I guess we went into a conference room area, and there were about a dozen survivors there. That's all I remember.
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