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20th May 2010

10:55am: In my dream last night, I was taking care of a friend's baby (that doesn't actually exist, to my knowledge). My friend's wife had to go to the hospital, so I was supposed to look after their baby boy. I don't know if they even have children, but apparently they did in my dream. I don't know why they picked me, of all people, to look after a baby, since I'm pretty much allergic to babies. But I was sitting on my bed with this baby boy in front of me. He started squirming, like he was trying to sit up. He finally did, and he looked very proud of himself. He proceeded to lie down and sit up a number of times, until he was grinning and laughing, and I set him on my lap so he could sit up some more. I was just glad that nothing bad happened to him while he was under my care, because I don't trust myself with kids under the age of 3-ish.

Yay for not killing dream-babies?
Current Mood: awake


6:05pm: So apparently you can stalk people on spokeo.com. Out of curiosity, I searched for myself. According to the site, I live at my mom's house with both my parents, but not my sister. I also found out some scandalous information about myself I never knew...

I found this amusing, but I still removed myself from the site.
Current Mood: amused

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