June 7th, 2010

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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In my dream, I unintentionally founded some sort of commune. In the beginning, I had apparently been keeping my car parked in a shopping center lot. It was night time, and when I opened the car door, a friend and a lady who was apparently her mother appeared behind me and asked for a ride to some event that was actually within walking distance. So I apparently started driving them there once a week, and then one day I didn't show up to my car and wondered if they had arrived at my car to find nobody there. I went away for a while, and when I returned, the parking lot had turned into a field, and a bunch of people had set up camp there. I didn't see any tents, but I guess they only put up tents at night and took them down in the morning. There was a mix of strangers and familiar people there (I don't remember anyone specifically, but I felt like I knew some of them), and many of them were working in garden patches, growing food for the community. I walked through the community and saw that some walkways had street names. Apparently my designated living spot was on Christmas street or something, and I wondered why the heck they'd put me there.

I walked through some sort of market area, with food in baskets on a slanted table thingy. The food was weird, it looked kind of like those polished semiprecious stones, only in chunks the size of my palm. I wondered what they tasted like, and I wondered if it would be ok for me to just take some, since it was apparently my commune. Then some lady came up to me, assuming I was working there, and asked for three pieces of veal or something. There was a scoopy spatula-like thing in the veal basket, and I scooped out three pieces into her bag. The veal actually looked like cookies or pieces of leather with pictures stamped on them, but I made sure she didn't get the small pieces. I assumed she'd go and find the checkout person, if one was nearby. I saw a basket marked "free samples," so I looked through it. There were pieces of the stone-like food in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, but they all had that weird smooth, polished look. Many of them had words or pictures written on them, but a lot weren't even foods. I was confused, trying to pick which sample I wanted to try.

I just kept dreaming a lot of random dreams this morning, and my body just didn't want to wake up. Then again, it's Monday, so I don't blame it.
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