November 17th, 2010

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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11/11: 3 pages.

11/12: Lazy.

11/13: 1 page, which is almost nothing.

11/14: Lazy again.

11/15: LAZY!

11/16: 6 pages, which is ok... but I can do better.

I'm obviously slacking off on my editing. I'm halfway through the month and about halfway through red-penning my draft. That would be ok if all I wanted to do was red-pen the thing in a month, but I also have to incorporate the changes and write a couple more scenes. I can still do that, but in order to have plenty of time to transfer the paper changes to the computer doc, I should finish the markup in the next few days and draft the new scenes so I can give them a deeper edit when I'm typing them. If I do about a dozen pages a day, I'll be in good shape. I can edit 12 pages in a day without disturbing my busy schedule of sitting in bed reading webcomics and playing silly Facebook games after work. There's enough food in my house to last for the rest of the month (of course, it's all frozen stuff, canned soup, popcorn, and juice), so I really have no excuses.

Ok, after I post this, I'm setting down the laptop, turning off the music, and red-penning the everloving crap out of the draft. Last night, I stopped at a point where I wanted to insert a couple new scenes, because I wanted to expand that particular chapter and up the awesomeness quotient. So I'm going to start writing... NOW!
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