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Weee, got a C- (70%) on my psych exam. Blarg. Oh well. Today has been mediocre so far, and yesterday was too. We did critique 2 poems at Golem (one by Jess, and my "little brother" poem), and next week we'll critique the poem about Nick. He didn't show up, and Ben said he didn't show up to either of his classes. So Ben called him and asked how things were, and apparently Nick was in one of his weird moods. Ben says he's been acting that way a lot lately, and he worries about him. I worry too.

I had some crazy dreams last night. In the most prominent one, there were two sisters with long, dark hair, both in their teens. In various parts of the dream I saw from their perspectives or from the side. The older sister had recently died, and the younger sister was having these disturbing visions of her. The younger sister (who was apparently having a vision of the past) was riding in a boat with some other people on this weird dark underground lake. There was this small rock island, and her older sister was there. An older man was flogging the girl with this flaming mop-like rod, and the girl would scream but she didn't look very hurt. The younger sister cried out to her, but the man kept flogging the girl. Then he kicked her into the water, and she was too weak to swim. So the younger girl dove off the boat and swam over to her sister, holding her up in the water. The older girl mentioned something about how she had no breasts, then sunk into the water and faded away. The younger sister was hysterical.
In the next sequence, the sisters (the older was a ghost, and I saw things from the younger girl's eyes) were in the dead sister's room, looking through her stuff. The ghost pulled some weird pink rubbery rings out of a jewelry box or something and said that they were her breasts, but she had cut them off and made rubber bands out of them. It was really freaky.
Then the younger sister was in bed in her room (oddly enough, she looked like my sister and it looked like my house). I saw things from the dead girl's eyes, and she was haunting her younger sister. She/I floated in circles around the bed, holding that flaming mop rod. She/I would wave the rod at the younger sister, who was terrified and sobbing, demanding to know if she missed her/me. Finally the younger girl curled up into the fetal position, barely able to speak, and said "yes" among sobs.
That dream was very odd. There were more, involving anime night and showers and other stuff, but that was the dream that stuck with me when I woke up. I think that dream was influenced by a movie that Ben and Derek and I were watching on TV last night (I think it was called "The Dead Zone" or something). Weird. I think that dream would make one interesting horror story.

It's quite amusing when you're sitting in the living room talking about how sexy the kissing girls poster is and you're simultaneously watching the Catholic channel. Yes, I was so bored yesterday that I watched the Catholic channel until people showed up for Golem (and we left it on mute during the meeting so we'd get better karma).

Random weird compliment of the day:
"If you were 5 foot 9, I don't think I'd like you as much."
- Emily

Last Person Who....
x. Slept in your bed? - Besides me? Uh... whoever was in the house last year (when it was the Spanish house)
x. Saw you cry? - Nick (though I had an arm over my face)
x. Made you cry? - technically me, but I felt really bad about myself after talking to Prof. Bakken about Tuesday group and the house application
x. Spent the night at your house? - Uh, my housemates? Whoever they had over?
x. You shared a drink with? - I don't share drinks. I have issues with germs and saliva and stuff.
x. You went to the movies with? - I don't remember, probably my family
x. Yelled at you? *shrugs* probably someone in my family, the people here are too polite to yell
x. Sent you an email? LJ comment from Jessica

Have Your Ever....
x. Said "I love you"? - *nods*
x. Been to New York? - yeah, but not the city. We drive through NY sometimes, and when we're in VT we often go across the lake (to the marinas or woodsy areas - it's kind of rural)
x. Been to Florida? - I lived there when I was 7-9
x. California? - no, but I might have briefly been in an airport there when I was 4 or 5...
x. Hawaii? yeah, when I wasa around 5, and we're probably going to go in December! I thought we were going over the summer, but I'll probably appreciate it more in December anyway...
x. Mexico? nope
x. China? nope
x. Canada? - I think I went to British Columbia when I was a toddler
x. Danced naked? - not that I know of...
x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happens the next day? - once I dreamed that Laura gave me a candy cane, and she did a few days later (but I had told her about the dream)
x. Stalked someone? - not really, I just like to observe people I find interesting

Pick One....
x. Apples or bananas? - bananas
x. Red or blue? - blue
x. Walmart or Kmart? - walfart, though I like small stores better
x. Math or English? - Me is good at English! Me English major!
x. Radio or CD? CDs
x. drawing or painting? drawing!
x. High school or college? - college sucks a lot less, though it's much more stressful

The Last Few Questions....
x. Last time you went out of the state? - December, we went to Massachusetts (and I got to see Em and Zoe, which was great)
x. Lucky number? - 87 1/2 (it's random, therefore I like it), 1479 (according to Megan, it's the evil number, but I won a huge jar of M&Ms once because I guessed it and there were something like 1482 M&Ms in the jar...)
x. Things you like in a girl? - same things I like in everyone: niceness, intelligence, humor, etc. Oh, and curves. Yep. *grins*
x. Weirdest thing about you? - I'd be here all day if I had to decide. I'm just generally weird.
x. Do you have a girlfriend? - nope
x. What do you think of ouija boards? - they're silly but fun
x. What book are you reading now? - just school books... and The Hobbit
x. What's on your mouse pad? - the lab one is blue, mine is a "Who Moved My Cheese" cartoon labyrinth one
x. Favorite board game? - the Harry Potter Mystery at Hogwarts game (kind of a ripoff of Clue), Deltron's Key to the Kingdom game (because it's so stupid and Deltron gets really mad and swears), Cranium
x. Favorite magazine? - Realms of Fantasy
x. Favorite sound? - evil laughter
x. Worst feeling in the world? - getting your almost-healed appendectomy wound sliced open without painkillers because it's infected... and despair
x. What is the first thing you think of when you wake in the morning? - fuck you, alarm clock! I don't wanna get up!
x. Do you like scary or exciting rollercoasters? Eh, I'm not fond of amusement parks
x. How many rings before you answer? I check the caller ID to see if it's a number I recognize, and if it is, I pick up as soon as I can
x. Chocolate or vanilla? - strawberry
x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? - no, but occasionally I sleep with a real animal
x. If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? - computer game tester (ohhhhhyeah!), absurdly popular young adult fantasy novelist, or professional slacker
x. What are you going to do after you finish this survey? - probably go home and not do anything for a while
x. What was the last food you ate? - veggie lo mein on pasta, a breadstick, and orange gatorade. The lo mein wasn't very good though.
x. you bored? - not really
x. Last movie you saw? Most of "The Dead Zone" last night. Actually, I watched several hours of TV last night. Yay.

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