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Wow. Yesterday was quite fun, I spent most of the day with friends, and Ben introduced me to I have some new favorite phrases:
"My nipples explode with delight!"
- the Monty Python dirty Hungarian phrasebook sketch
"Why don't you go have some quiet shut up time?"
- Robokoph
"Why are you acting so chaotic neutral?"
- Geekbot's friend

So I managed to clean the kitchen today *gasp* and somebody had returned the Caflisch key. Yay, I can do laundry now! Well, I really really need to, I'm starting to wear the shirts that are too small and stuff.

I got a small package from my parents, they sent me a neat enameled celtic necklace, it's really pretty. My dad also included a note that said something like "I know you like wearing your pentacle, here's something else you might enjoy." I found that quite amusing, I came up with some different interpretations:
"Happy Valentine's Day, you satanist!" (I'm not a satanist, that's just the silly interpretation)
"You've been wearing the same necklace every day since you were 16. Maybe it's time you had some variety."
Or just "Lookee, another bling-bling!"

Holy crap, they revamped the Allegheny site! Threw me off for a moment. Oh yeah, and anime night should have a mute button for the audience. Sheesh.

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