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i am so socially retarded. yesterday i visited my sister at camp. i saw kat, who i hung out with long ago. i hadn't seen her since i was 15 and she was 11, and she's a lot different now. she has blue hair and wears funky clothing. from a strange little girl to a strange tall skinny teenager. she kinda looks like a blue-haired version of my friend nicole too, which is weird. well, she's 15 now, and i guess i'm just not used to her that way. we were such good friends when we were younger despite the 4-year age difference, but when i saw her all i could say was, "hi, remember me?" i wanted to talk to her but i was stupid and shy. oh well. i guess if she turned out weird it's good. *sigh* i just miss camp. and my sister stole my purple towel that cj gave me, THEN she swiped my bandana from inside my backpack. well, she's a jerk. and she hassled my mom about being the only girl in her cabin who didn't get any cool care packages (i felt the same way - left out - because i never got more than postcards and boring letters). she wants teenager magazines. the girl is seriously the complete opposite of me. well, she's 12, what can i expect?

today was boring. but i did read half of "violet and claire" by francesca lia block because megan said i should. she's right. good book. we put deer netting up in the garden. woohoo. i need to make reservations for confluence. i need to write a novel. i need to do something with my life. i can't wait til the alpha workshop. it will be the highlight of my summer, basically. things are so boring. though this weekend was pretty fun, especially talking to nora at the party on friday. i mean, we talked about everything in an hour or two. i told her about my FBI incident in 8th grade, she told us about "boob kid," and we just laughed and laughed.

anyway, i think i'll shut up now. i'm hungry.

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