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Someone took down the poster. That pisses me off. I heard from someone in another house that one of my housemates told her that several of my housemates didn't want the poster up, but they could have talked to me about it instead of anonymously taking it down and putting it on my bed. Jeez, it's not like it was vulgar or anything... just girls kissing. None of my housemates are homophobes (most are in AGP, the gay-straight alliance group), why wouldn't they want the poster up? Grrrr. Fuckers. Oh well. Next year it can stay in the living room, and I know my housematwes won't object. They're all heterosexual males (except Nick, he's a lesbian), of course they love that kind of stuff.

Anyway, I was actually productive yesterday. I went to the fantasy costume party at the vegan house last night (in my gothic renaissance dress and cloak), that was interesting. It wasn't as wild as the other parties they've had, yet a security officer came in around 3 am and said we were being too loud (well, I was just sitting there watching people be silly...). He asked who was 21 and who wasn't but didn't really bother seeing who was drunk (Ben and I were safe anyway, we hadn't been drinking, and Nick had gone to bed at that point). Wow. That party was actually somewhat tame but people almost got busted anyway (they're lucky the nice security guy came and not one of the others).

Some guy: I have gay and bisexual friends, and I'm cool with that, I just get freaked out when gay guys hit on me.
Ade: Yeah, I get worried when gay guys hit on me too.

(everyone is talking about Natalie's bruised knees)
Ade: Maybe she spends a lot of time on the knees...
(everyone laughs)
Natalie: Ade!
Ade: Hehe... sorry, couldn't resist.
Natalie: I figured someone had to say it, but I didn't think it would be you!
(yes, when the shy, quiet, modest teetotaler speaks up, she often surprises people...)

Aieeee, tomorrow is the ES exam! Must study...

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