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Ah, another Wednesday night. Ben and I actually managed to get Nick to come to Golem (we spent several minutes trying to persuade/force him, but when we started walking towards the writers' house he followed us), and I'm amused that people could give a well-rounded critique and find meaning in a rather nonsensical poem I wrote in 2 or 3 minutes at the beginning of abnormal. Afterwards, Ben, Nick, Derek and I decided to go to a restaurant, but it was late and restaurants were closed. So we ended up driving around for a while and rented some movies at Blockbuster. We went to Nick's house to watch them, but his housemates were watching another movie, so we watched the rest of it, and by that time Ben and Derek decided they had to get up in the morning so we'd watch them another time. Methinks we should get chinese food tomorrow and then watch the movies. I don't have class until 1:30 tomorrow, I can sleep in! And then do the CD-ROM assignment! Woot.

We also need to get copies of the March issue of Playboy, because Chuck Palahniuk's story "Guts" is in it. We went to the reading at Pitt a few months ago, and a couple people in the audience passed out because it was so graphically disgusting. Remember, Zara? Hee, that was a fun evening. I look forward to getting weird looks while buying Playboy. Actually, I think Ben would be more embarrassed than me about buying it, he isn't openly perverted. And he can get away with buying it since he's single now (he and Emily broke up a few days ago since they rarely see each other and the relationship just kind of faded anyway). But now I can buy Playboy for the articles! And by articles, I mean a horrifyingly disgusting story! Not boobs! Really! Stop looking at me like that!

Random bad joke of the day:
Ginnifer: Nick, I have a bible in my backpack, and I'll hit you with it.
Ade: That would make you a bible-thumper.

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