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Well, if it isn't my good friend Mr. McGregg, with a leg for an arm and arm for a leg

Ah, craziness. The past few days have been bipolar, as usual. On Thursday night, Ben and Nick came over and we ordered Chinese fooooooood and watched Shrek. Then Derek came over and we watched Wizards, this animated movie from the '70s that we rented just because Jamie (the annoyingly chatty comic book store guy) hates it. It was really weird... a post-apocalyptic battle between fairies and mutants with heavy World War 2 references. VERY heavy references, including lots of Nazi propaganda and stuff. Crazy.

Yesterday sucked at first, I woke up with a sore throat, which is usually a sign that I've caught a cold. And yes, I have a cold now. Bah. But Ben and Nick and I did some shopping and went out for Mexican food and stuff, so that was fun. Nick showed me all these anti-cold things at the natural food store, so I got some losenges and echinacea tea. Hmmm, perhaps I should call him Dr. Nick now (Hi ev'rybody!). Anyway, then I went to games night and worked on my character for Thom's game (Amanda and I are eeeeevil and sadistic and crazy!), then saw Princess Tutu. I would have stayed for Reign, but I was feeling really tired and sick, so I went to bed. I like Princess Tutu! It's fun and cute!

I bought Playboy yesterday, which was an adventure, and I didn't get carded or anything. I think I get more of a kick out of buying porn than actually looking at it. But I bought it for the STORY! Really! It's on page 76! Of course, Nick was bugging me about it. Yes, I know I'm supporting a magazine that objectifies women as sexual objects, but it has good articles and stories! Anyway, I let Derek read it at anime night, and of course everyone was wondering why I had a copy of Playboy, but they didn't really buy the "I bought it for the story!" excuse. Hehe. I should publish something in Playboy. They pay absurdly well too.

*vanishes in a puff of toothpicks*

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