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Listening to music always makes me want to create things. So I wrote this just now. I was hoping it would turn out better, but it decided to be stubborn and mediocre. Interpret it as you will.


“Goodnight,” said Wave.
“Where are you going?” Beach asked.
Wave didn’t answer. He gently tickled Beach with his cold, salty fingers, then drifted back towards Ocean. Beach gazed up at Moon, looking for an answer. Moon just smiled, her form brightening against the sunset.
“Don’t go…” Beach whispered. She felt her sand cool, and Wind blew softly across her shore. Sun had gone for the night, leaving her cold and lonely. A couple walked slowly along the edge of the ocean, laughing and whispering. Beach watched them, longing for Wave. Why didn’t he understand? Beach knew they could never truly be together, but she ached to have him back, his cool hands lapping against her shore.
“Goodnight,” she whispered back to him. He would return in the morning, just like he always did. Beach glanced at the moon one last time before settling down. Wave would be back soon. There was nothing to fear.

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