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I love these surveys. Sure, almost nobody reads them, but I have fun filling them out and learning about myself in the process.

First job: not counting babysitting or working for my dad's business, I packed cookies in a factory for a day. It was nothing but standing in the same position, stuffing bags of cookies into boxes as they came down the conveyor belt. It was hell, and my knees and feet ached from standing so long.
First screen name: I think it was "Superade," back in 8th grade when we had AOL and I figured out how to get my own SN so I wouldn't have to use my dad's
First funeral: probably my sister Patricia. She was stillborn, and I was almost 5, so I didn't know what was going on, I just have vague memories of my mom sitting on her bed crying and a bunch of men in suits standing in the living room. My mom and sister (Katie) and I were going through one of Nana's old jewelry boxes over the summer, and I found this little card thingy from the funeral. I have it in my room now, and I should do something with it so it doesn't get lost in the massive piles of junk on the floor.
First pet: Emma Lilioukalani, my magnificent fat tabby nurse cat
First piercing/tattoo: I had my ears pierced when I was 8, but they kept getting infected so I let them close up.
First credit card: I just have a debit card, got that when I was 18.
First kiss: if you want to get really technical, probably some family member when I was a toddler. But if we're talking about kissing on the lips, then... Halloween '03. It was kind of random, Nick and I were hanging out and kind of cuddling in my room after the Argo party, and it just... happened.
First love: Eh, don't think that's happened yet.
First enemy: those idiot boys on the bus when I was in kindergarten, they called me Boogar and pulled my backpack. Meanies!
First musician: What's this supposed to mean? First musician I liked? Raffi, of course!

Last car ride: with Ben and Nick on Friday (in Ben's car), coming back from Los Compadres (mmm, good Mexican food...)
Last kiss: *blushes* ummm... last night... I gave Nick my cold too. Heh.
Last library book checked out: I have no idea, I don't check books out. Probably something in high school by Jean Auel or Amy Tan
Last movie watched: Wonder Boys last night (after Lilo and Stitch). It was pretty good.
Last beverage drank: Gatorade fruit punch at dinner half an hour ago
Last food consumed: pasta with chicken and veggies
Last phone call: my mom called yesterday, just checking in
Last time showered: this morning
Last CD played: Noir soundtrack last night (Nick wanted to hear it, and I plan to burn him a copy)
Last website visited:

Single or Taken: single, of course
Sex: no thanks
Birthday: 5/18/83
Sign: Taurus, and I was born in the year of the boar
Siblings: Katie, 14
Hair color: light golden brown (anyone who calls it blond gets poked!)
Eye color: this ambiguous grayish color (I like my eyes!)
Shoe size: 2, baby! Kids shoes are awesome.
Height: somewhere around 4'9"

Right now what are you...
Wearing: wouldn't you like to know? *wink* nothing unusual, just black corduroy cargo pants, the "i have issues" shirt, gray hoodie, monkey socks, and Powerpuff Girls shoes. And undies, of course.
Drinking: *points to the "No eating, drinking, smoking, expectorating, fornicating, or flatulating" sign in the computer lab* Ok, so the sign is slightly different, but they're good rules to follow.
Thinking about: my stuffy nose, this survey, how I wish certain friends would stop fighting among themselves, and what would happen if people were eating, drinking, smoking, expectorating, fornicating, or flatulating in the computer lab (all at once!)
Listening to: the lovely hum of the computers

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