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Well, last night was certainly interesting. Thom's game was great fun, and there was much insanity. Accents make shouting matches much more interesting. And I was the insanely evil old gold digger obsessed with "riding my horse." Innuendo is great, especially at the dinner table. But my ongoing affair with the stable boy (and a little too much wine to calm my frazzled nerves) led to my downfall, and I went out with a bang. Literally. But then my alchemical clone came to life and ran around naked with a flamethrower, cackling maniacally. Oh dear. I have too much fun being evil. And most of you have no idea what I'm talking about. Hehe.

Well, I have a bit of time before the play, so I'm going to... um... I don't know. Do something. Yes. I'm in one of my quietly insane moods right now, where I act calm and reserved as usual, but I feel very mischievous inside. Maybe I'll draw something.

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