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I went to the intelligent design vs. evolution thingy tonight. It was very interesting, though at one point Dr. Behe was talking about blood clotting and stuff and I got this uneasy feeling (I usually feel that way right before I have a panic attack or whatever those things are), so I tried to distract myself. It didn't work, but the feeling passed once he started talking about something else. There were a lot of people there, including a lot of Amish (or were they Mennonites?). I was trying to get to Nick afterwards to tell him I burned a copy of the Noir soundtrack for him, but there were so many people, and I'm so little (I need to drive a miniature tank or something so people will clear a path for me wherever I go), so he just disappeared. Oh well. I'll see him tomorrow.

Odd, it doesn't feel like a Monday. It feels like an extended Sunday, but I had 3 classes today. I want to go home and draw. I got a new pen for outlining things. And I'm working on a picture of naked Griselda going crazy with the flamethrower. It's insane. With strategically placed hair and everything. *evil laugh* I'm having too much fun with this. If I believed in hell, I'd definitely be going there. Evil is sexy.

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