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I love Ben. He's awesome. Today I got an envelope in my box with a chocolate band-aid and a note that said "Hope you're feeling better!" *grins* And yes, I am feeling better, I think I mostly got over my cold a few days ago. Still a tad bit "slimy," but I feel fine. I've been meaning to send Ben a box of completely random stuff so he can have "real mail" (aside from the comic books and Magic cards he buys on eBay all the time). I should do that today.

I should also get a ticket to go see The Vagina Monologues this weekend, though perhaps I should find out when some of my friends are going. Should be very interesting. I saw a video of them last year, it was quite... um... I overuse the word interesting. I need a bigger bank of adjectives. I was also amused coming out of Brooks last night... I saw a big sign for it, and the first thing I noticed was VAGINA in big letters. I'm so immature. I have such a 3rd grade sense of humor. Vagina! *giggles* Penis! *giggles* Nipples! *giggles* Exlax! *falls over laughing hysterically*

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*snickers* Well... at least that's something. Isn't 6 inches average? I don't know... I'm not an expert on penises. According to some of my (female) friends, if you measure the distance from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pinky, that's how big your penis would be. I have tiny hands, but the distance is roughly 6 inches. I doubt that measuring system is accurate though, but I'm not going to ask any of my guy friends to test it. 6 inches forward and 5 inches back, I got an angry inch...

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