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Ah, last night was one of those crazy bipolar nights, but all in all, it was a lot of fun. Went to anime night (and now I must must must see all of Azumanga, for it is amazing and hilarious), then McKinley's. Then some of us went to find Ben and meet his Wang Richard (I somehow managed to keep a semi-straight face when I met him), and then Ben, Thom, Richard, and I played frisbee. Outside in the dark, on a muddy lawn, at 2:00 in the morning while it was raining a little. And we kinda suck at frisbee. Meanwhile, Derek was getting stoned, and Nick was with him (but didn't smoke because he promised himself he'd never do it again), and after a while, they came outside. Derek was running around the lawn, and I tossed the frisbee to him, but he was so fucked up he tried to run away from it instead of catching it. It hit him right on the bridge of the nose, and he started freaking out because it really hurt and was bleeding and stuff. I felt bad for him yet highly amused at the same time. I think he's ok (I don't think I broke his nose, but I might have given him an interesting scar), but that whole incident was just... silly.

Also, I'm manlier than Nick, Derek, and Thom. There's something highly amusing about saying "my balls itch" in a deep voice when you're a little girl. *giggles*

I'm Sakaki!
You are Sakaki!

Which Azumanga Daioh Character are you?
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Sakaki is awesome! But I still suck at sports. I'm like Osaka and Chiyo in that respect... *giggles*

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