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Okay... so today, before the Argo meeting, Deltron asked how much of a writer one would have to be to live in the writers' house. Instead of jumping up and strangling him, I told him about the unofficial rule I decided to set. I mean, Deltron is my friend, but I don't want non-writers living in the house. And a week or so ago, Good Tom asked if there was space. For the record, it's the writers' house, not the Argo house, even if most of the people in the writers' house next year are in Argo.

I also feel kinda weird about being the only girl in the house next year, but at least that guarantees that I'll get my own room. Having a male roommate would just be way too freaky. But since there are apparently more than 5 of us in the house next year, the boys can figure out who will be roommates. And I'll probably get the room downstairs and the upstairs can be the "boys floor." Just the opposite of the way it is this year. Ha. THEY can get the sink of eternal clogging and the toilet of eternal running! But I like the room I have now! Hmmm... well, we'll eventually work stuff out. But those who are comping and/or plan on "getting action" should have the singles next year.

Methinks I'll go home and get stuff done. Yay.

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