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Two internship interviews tomorrow! Bah! *dies* Oh well. I can handle it. This evening, my mom and I went to my mom's church to talk to this church lady who's going to make me a Renaissance dress. I bought the material for it almost 4 years ago, when I was barely 17. I think the pattern would still fit... I look basically the same as I did when I was 17... only gained 15-20 pounds, maybe gone up a size, but it should still fit. And I have very weird measurements. My horizontal measurements are greater than my vertical measurements. Heh. I'm so unique. Short, pudgy, and dumpy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Anyway, I was way too lazy to make the dress myself, so we're finally paying someone else to do it.

My sister is mean. She IMed a good friend of mine, who I've repeatedly told her not to talk to, and told him this:
i swear ade is sooo tight
if u put a piece of coal up her ass in a week u would have a diamond
pardon my french

I'm not like that! And keep that coal away from that area! That's a "do not enter under ANY circumstances" zone! Katie is a poophead. Ah well.

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