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After reading this, I have the sudden urge to write a vampire story. But I don't really like vampire stories, though during the first year of Alpha I wrote a short story for an exercise about a vampire named Fartacus Howard Fartsucker (Megan gets credit for the name) and his smelted squid. The story was hilariously stupid and incorporated a lot of the original Alpha inside jokes, but we were supposed to turn our exercise stories in, and I never got it back. Pooey. Oh well.

So the interviews went pretty well, and the second one sounds really promising. It's basically editing for College Prowler guides. And I'm the Ade-olf Hitler of the Grammar Nazis, plus an experienced critiquer (just ask the Alphans, the Golemites, and anyone who's had a writing class with me). So that's my thang. If I can get an internship before summer break, it'll be a huge relief. As long as I'm doing something productive this summer, it will appease everyone and I won't have to deal with my dad sending his version of my resume all over the place. I sent him my version of my resume, which is more accurate, impressive, and written better than what he came up with, but he thinks he can make a better resume than me because he has more experience. Hey, who's the better writer here? He's asked me to proofread his business documents, and I've torn them apart and lectured him on comma use and the difference between passive and active voice! He also left out some things on his version of my resume. Gah. Next time, I'm taking charge of things. I don't trust him to get me a decent job after I graduate if he's not going to let me write my own resume and cover letters and apply to the jobs I want. Ah well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and I hope I can get that editing internship.

So... tonight is still open. Might get together with people. Or something.

Up, up, and awaaaaaaaaa*crash* Oops. Ceiling. Ow, my head...

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