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Grrr... I was in a very productive creative mood and just finished drawing/outlining a picture of my Gaia avatars, Talula and Gummi Bear. But I can't find the big box where I have a bunch of colored pencils and other art supplies. Nooooooo! Pooey. Hopefully I'll find it tomorrow. The picture actually looks decent so far, though I still really suck at drawing anime, even though it's supposedly not that hard. *shrugs* Oh well. And I also need to finish that picture of Griselda. I'm just debating whether to keep it B/W or color it. It doesn't seem like color would really add to the picture, aside from vitalizing the fire, so I might just leave it B/W. Ahhhhh, most of my art things are at school, and I always get the creative urges when I come home...

It's a Friday night, and I'm a college student on spring break. And I'm in the basement at home with 3 sleeping cats, whining because I can't find my stupid art supplies. Have I reached a new pathetic low yet?

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