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Ah, it's my last night home for a while. And my last night on Dad's awesome new computer. I'm going to miss it. We had some good times together this week. Other than that, the week mostly sucked.

Today we saw some old friends, ex-neighbors of ours who were in town. The grownups came over, and later we went to their friends' house where they were staying. Jack and Patrick (the kiddos) have really changed. I think Patrick was shorter than me last time I saw him, now he's at least 5'2" or so (he's 12-ish). Jack, the kid who I used to look out for when he was in kindergarten, is 16 now and getting his license soon. I didn't recognize him at first, his hair is longish now. So my sis and I hung out in a room with half a dozen teenage boys for a couple hours. They mostly ignored us, though I didn't mind. I like watching other people play video games. I like playing video games too, but watching is also fun.

I briefly helped my dad bottle beer today (I was doing homework for once - reading Girl, Interrupted - and he interrupted me to ask for help), and I think I pulled a neck muscle trying to work the bottle cap thingy. I'm such a dork. Eh, I hate beer anyway. The Black Pearl Brewing Company doesn't need my help. They already have one geek at the helm.

Oh. It's a survey. Woot.

Your Life
name: Ade
sex: Sorry honey, I don't go there yet.
occupation: College student, lazy writer
favorite friend: Hmmm, I don't have an official best friend... but a favorite friend? Well, if I had to pick, probably Megan and Ben
favorite place to be: My room (home or school, doesn't matter - I love my domain) or the writers' house living room
favorite color(s): Rainbow
three main interests: Writing, computer games, uh... other interesting stuff (I don't want to just pick 3!)
your house is: Well, it depends where I am at the moment. Right now the house I'm in is big and on top of a hill, the writers' house is big and white, Wilden is a cottage in Vermont, and I'm really not tied down to a certain place I call "home." Home is many different places.
describe yourself in four words: Ade Ade Ade Ade
best sex: Female!

most memorable memory: Hmmm... so many memorable memories... like the time when I was 6 or 7 and lived in Connecticut and my friend and I went sledding and the sled flipped over and we got facefuls of snow... yep, that was memorable. I think I wrote a story about it in 1st or 2nd grade too.
worst memory: My appendectomy and being in the hospital and wanting to just die... that was no fun
favorite word of all time: Kyrgyzstan!
first best friend ever: Elizabeth, we were friends from when we were in diapers until I moved to Florida when I was 7
first kiss: in the wee hours after the Halloween festivities of 2003... with the Nick person. I haven't been the same since.

love is: The pain that cuts a straight line down to the heart (thank you, Hedwig!)
are you in love: No. I just wish I didn't love a certain someone as much as I do.
love or lust?: A bit of both is divine
when love hurts, you: Become bitter, rant in LJ, and cry a lot
true or false: all you need is love: That's definitely false. You need peace, love, and a hard co.... uh, I mean a lard block

Preferred Sex
turn ons: Chivalry, British accents, longish hair
your parent's opinion on your bf/gf matter to you?: They know nothing of my dysfunctional love life, and I don't plan on telling them anything. Ever.
the sweetest thing a member of the preferred sex can do for you?: Wear a loincloth and bring me tea and cuddles
tall or short: Doesn't matter, but it'd be nice to not have to look up at someone for once.
looks or smarts: Braaaaaaaains!
are you the type of person to HOLLA and ask for numbers?: Why would I do that? I don't call people unless it's absolutely necessary.

Picky Picky
best pets: Kitties!
short or long hair: Long
sunshine or rain: Sexy thunderstorm!
ink or piercings: Both are tolerable in small amounts
hugs or kisses: Huggles!
favorite drink: Apple juice
snail mail or e-mails: Email
playstation or nintendo: Game Boy (it's all I've ever had)
car or skateboard: I'm usually a pedestrian, but I drive if I have to.
sing or dance: Neither, unless I'm really hyper or alone

More About YOU!
if you were a crayon, what color would you be? White, since people never use it
ever OD'd? On caffeine, maybe...
what's the next CD you are going to buy? No idea...
what's the last drug you took? I think I had some Pepto Bismol tablets a few weeks ago
what's the best advice ever given to you? Don't let the bastards get you down
what's the stupidest thing you have ever done? Not telling, just because I don't want to even think about it
how many kids do you want to have? 0-1
plan on getting married? I don't plan on it, and somehow I doubt I will
what are you most scared of? Having a terminal illness that involves lots of medical attention, ending up in a mental hospital, my friends killing themselves
how many TVs do you have in your house? At home, 2 (but little or no reception, they're just for the VCR/DVD players)
vegan, veggie or carnivore: Omnivore, though I tend toward the vegetarian side
who do you dream about?: Random weird stuff... a few nights ago I dreamed that I was driving down a highway, saw police cars, panicked even though I wasn't speeding, ran off the road and into some trees, and ended up either impaled on a tree or impaling a deer on a tree. I saw the whole thing as if I was playing a video game.
who do you tell your dreams to? I post the most interesting ones on LJ and tell anyone my dreams if they seem particularly interesting
your boyfriend/girlfriend is: Taking his/her merry time to find me
your parents are: Probably asleep right now
your body type is: Short, pudgy, and actually pretty strong for someone of my size and habits
eyes: Gray
skin color: Boring peachish Anglo-Saxon coloring
in school: Junior in college
prejudices: I tend to be prejudiced against dumb people. Not mentally challenged people, just regular people who are just plain dumb.
pet peeves: Bad spelling/grammar/punctuation/etc., most people touching me (I don't mind a few people, they can poke/hug/molest/etc. me as much as they want. If you touch me and I don't scream "NO TOUCHY!!!!!!" you're safe. Just avoid my neck and other sensitive areas, please.), my sister, people who don't shut up, girls asking me if they look fat in something, Eddie, me being too passive, etc.

Ok. G'night.

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