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Wow, what a mediocre spring break. Ah well, I'm back at school now. And I'm pissed off because they put new tables and chairs in McKinley's that are smaller and less cozy, and THE BASTARDS REPLACED OUR TABLE!!!!! Instead of the nice big table we usually sit at, there are a couple tall 2-4 seaters with those tall chairs I have to jump onto. It's so depressing. Grrrrr. When we arrived, my dad spent about an hour trying to fix my internet (I think it's either the ethernet cable or the NIC card that's screwy), then we found out the internet had been down since Wednesday. My dad looked like he was about to strangle me.

We drove back to Allegheny yesterday with Dude, and the little guy is a decent traveler. He hates being picked up and going in cars, so he yowled at first but stayed on my lap the entire trip. He barely moved and seemed to be panting, but he took a nap. At one point he turned his head to look out the window, then closed his eyes and nuzzled his face between my arm and body. Poor little guy, he hates car rides. But he's fine now, back to his usual playful, friendly self.

I have this idea for a character (a combination of at least 3 of my guy friends, which should be interesting), but no plot in which I can torture him. His ex-girlfriend cheated on him with one of his friends, but that's just a subplot. High schoolish drama, but there needs to be something deeper. Uhhh... maybe he's half-alien or something. Nah, that's dumb. Why do I come up with awesome characters if I can't come up with decent plots? Oh well.

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