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I've had heartburn for several hours now (damn tomato sauce...) and just realized that I have Titralac in my backpack. And it's mostly gone away, so taking something for it would be kind of pointless. Ah well. I'm silly.

Last night, there was no Golem, but there was no email about it so Ben, Nick, and Derek showed up and we just hung out for several hours. I tried to teach Derek how to knit, which was an interesting experience. I mean, knitting is tricky at first, and you have to practice a lot before your stitches are even. But it was funny watching Derek fumble with the needles and string, then handing me a big mess for me to try and fix. Heh heh heh... so amusing. More boys should learn how to knit. And there was a pattern in the book I got yesterday for a bikini, so Ben and I were joking about "knitting exciting underwear." Ah, Monty Python references in everyday life. Fun stuff. And Ben and I are so easily entertained. We just sit around, poking each other and making barnyard noises, sometimes making "blart" or tossing things to each other. Yes, this is how we spend our time preventing each other from doing work. And my right knee is no longer mine. Ben claimed it, and it belongs to him now, but he's letting me use it so I can walk and stuff. So that's good... I guess.

My future housemates and I have a simple, civilized method of determining who will get the other single next year (I'm definitely getting a single if I'm the only girl... I'm not going to explain to my parents why the other side of the room has dirty boxers on the floor and Playboy centerfolds on the wall...). The guys will have to fight for it. Or just determine who will be comping and/or "getting action," though only a few of us will be comping, and most of us will probably remain single next year. But my money is on Ben. For some reason, I think he'd come out on top. Or maybe Evil Thom, but Ben just strikes me as somehow stronger than the others. I told him he'll probably be the most masculine person in the house next year, and he laughed. That's really saying something about the others. Heh... I like sissy boys.

Last night I dreamed that my mom and I were at Allegheny, looking for somewhere to eat. We were in this huge dorm-like building, and we stopped at this girl's room. She's an acquaintance who I've talked to a couple times, but not recently. I think she was in the dream because I heard people talking about her yesterday. She doesn't live in a dorm, but in the dream she did. So she wasn't there, but my mom and I went in anyway and started eating her food. She had all sorts of weird food there (there was canned fish that said "Deltron" on the label, and I found that amusing), and I kept glancing at the door, worrying what she'd do if she walked in and found my mom and me eating her food. Fortunately, we finished and left, and I think I later brought her a bag replacing the food we'd eaten. Then there was something about a chase in the building, and I found out that Laura lived down the hall from me for some reason (despite going to a different school). I saw Nick, and we went to Laura's room. Apparently she lived with a bunch of other girls in this huge room. When I walked in I said it looked like an orphanage because of the row of beds. Then I realized they were tables, and it looked like a restaurant. That's all I remember.

First job:: babysitting for neighbors and bible study and stuff
First screen name:: Superade, back in 8th grade when we had AOL
First funeral:: Probably my sister Patricia, she was stillborn when I was almost 5
First pet:: Emma the magnificent fat cat (who looked like an older, obese version of Moccasin)
First piercing/tattoo:: I had my ears pierced when I was 8, but I let them close up because they kept getting infected.
First credit card:: Back when I was 16 or so, this Beenz site would give you a Visa card with a certain balance on it, depending on how many beenz you earned. So I had a card with like $15 on it.
First Kiss:: Halloween... what a night...
First one that mattered:: I think that one mattered. It made the friendship a lot more interesting...
First love:: Well, I remember having some crushes in kindergarten... and in 1st grade I had a "boyfriend" whose name began with J. We'd sit under the tire at recess and pretend we were married. Woot.
First enemy:: Mean bullies on the bus who called me "Boogar"
First big trip:: Probably to Massachusetts or Vermont when I was an infant... we used to travel a lot, I don't know.
First concert:: No idea. Probably one of the band concerts in the park in Vergennes, VT when I was a kid.
First musician you remember hearing in your house:: Raffi! And Jimmy Buffett and Gordon Lightfoot.

Last car ride:: Sunday when I came back to school
Last kiss:: A few weeks ago... the last of the crazy late-night incidents.
Last library book checked out:: No idea. Probably something in high school, dealing with art or Chinese culture or something.
Last movie watched:: We were going to watch Monty Python's Life of Brian last night, but the DVD player was malfunctioning. I watched most of some crappy movis on Saturday while visiting family friends. It was called Malibu somethingorother and it was about some white kid, the son of a guy running for governor, trying to be black and hip hop and stuff. It was funny but incredibly stupid.
Last beverage drank:: SoBe, the pomegranate/cranberry flavored stuff. Yum.
Last food consumed:: 3-cheese calzone and Fritos (perfect brain food for paper-writing)
Last phone call:: probably over spring break, talking to my dad or someone
Last person I called:: probably Megan 2 weeks ago, discussing break plans
Last CD played:: Either Tori, Hedwig, the Noir soundtrack, or the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack
Last annoyance:: Rose was in the computer lab a few minutes ago, talking to some guy really loud
Last soda drank:: I avoid soda, but a couple days ago I tried pink lemonade mixed with Sierra Mist because Ben said it was pretty good
Last ice cream eaten:: strawberry ice cream at Brooks a few days ago
Last shirt worn:: HOMSAR!!!!!!!
Last website visited:: Livejournal!

Single or Taken:: single, as always
Sex:: no thanks
Birthday:: in a few weeks (May 18)
Sign:: Do Not Enter
Siblings:: Katie, who's 14 and "really hot" according to just about everyone
Hair color:: light golden brown
Eye color:: grayish
Shoe size:: 2
Height:: 4'9"-ish

Right now, what are you:
Wearing:: Homsar shirt, gray hoodie, jeans, obnoxiously cute ducky socks (my sis bought them for me), Powerpuff Girls sneakers, underclothing, and my pentacle. Pretty much conventinal Ade clothing.
Drinking:: nothing
Thinking about:: this survey, how guys my age think my sister is hot, wondering if I talk about Ben too much, I'm kinda hungry, dinner is in 20-ish minutes, etc.
Listening to:: computers humming and my typing
Watching:: the monitor, my fingers typing
Feeling:: ok, kinda hungry but content

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