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What am I doing? I'm supposed to be studying! Ok, quick entry.

When I got home after dinner and highlighting/poking/tickling/torturing Thom (*evil laugh*), I found a stuffed bunny and a vase of daffodils on my computer desk. They were sent through the American Cancer Society, but there was no information about who sent them. I have the feeling they're from my parents or some other relative, but I wish I knew who to thank. Awww, I feel so special. I usually only get flowers on my birthday or if I've been in the hospital. And I just reread the first sentence of this paragraph... there's something amusing about mentioning flowers and fluffy bunnies in the same sentence as torturing someone. I was going to take pictures of them and found that the batteries in my digital camera were dying, so I waited while they recharged instead of, say, studying for that exam tomorrow morning. Because photography is more fun than cramming.

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