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Ah, weekends. I definitely ODed on anime. On Friday I saw Love Hina and 2 episodes of Full Metal Panic. I like Love Hina, especially Su and Shinobu. I like the manga better though - it's different, much funnier, and a lot more vulgar! Full Metal Panic is ok, but while I was watching it I thought of something else I'd rather be doing. Yesterday was the Naruto marathon. Almost 12 hours of Naruto. I really like Hinata, she's so cute and I want to hug her! And Gaara is just sexy, even though he lacks eyebrows for some reason (as oppose to Rock Lee, of course...).

We short people will rule the world someday... with our free bumper stickers...

Swiped from D!

Series One - Yourself
-- Name: Ade
-- Birthdate: 5/18/83
-- Birthplace: East Lyme, CT
-- Current location: this wicked little town known as Meadville
-- Eye color: gray
-- Hair color: light golden brown
-- Righty or lefty: right
-- Zodiac sign: Taurus
-- Innie or outtie: my belly button is like a cave. I can fit the last joint of my pinky inside it.

Series Two - Describe:
-- your heritage: Mostly English and Welsh with bits of Scottish, Irish, German, and Native American thrown in for good measure
-- the shoes you wore today: Powerpuff Girls sneakers
-- your hair: long, usually slightly messy, and scraggly from too much pulling
-- your weakness: too shy. And ice cream, kittens, and boys with dark messy hair and glasses
-- your fears: vampires
-- your perfect pizza: white pizza with broccoli, mushrooms, and pineapple
-- one thing you'd like to achieve: kill Kirk Nesset and write young adult fantasy (and other GENRE fiction)

Series Three - What is:
-- your most overused phrase on aol\aim: huzzah or weeeee
-- your thoughts first waking up: ack! Beeping! I don't wanna get up...
-- the first feature you notice in the opposite sex: height and hair
-- the best name for a butler: Mr. Higgins or Niles or something very British (my butler will be old, British, very dignified, and wear a bowtie)
-- your best physical features: I like my hands and eyes
-- your greatest fear: having a medical problem that requires lots of surgery and doctor visits
-- your greatest accomplishment: I don't know... surviving?
-- your most missed memory: I don't know either, but I miss Alpha a lot

Series Four - Do you prefer:
-- pepsi or coke: I avoid both unless I'm really thirsty and there's nothing else available
-- single or group dates: I've never been on a date, but I think I'd prefer single
-- adidas or nike: blech
-- lipton ice tea or nestea: I keep forgetting...
-- cappuccino or coffee: mudt! Or mochas, which are almost the same thing
-- boxers or briefs: I just wear regular bikini undies, but boxers are better on guys (tighty-whities are silly and make me giggle)

Series Five - Do you:
-- smoke: no, unless you count setting things on fire...
-- cuss: occasionally, but it's not a big part of my vocabulary
-- sing well: no, and I usually avoid singing around other people
-- take a shower everyday: Yup, if I don't shower every morning, I pull out my hair a lot more
-- do you think you've been in love: Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know any more.
-- want to get married: It's not one of my goals, but if I find the right person it might happen
-- type with your fingers on the right keys: Nah
-- believe in yourself: I believe in fairies! *claps*
-- get motion sickness: No, although I'll never get in the car after eating my sister's cooking again... Pennsylvania roads wreak havoc on an upset stomach. Actually, it will take some persuading to make me try my sister's cooking again, and I won't touch scrambled eggs again any time soon...
-- think you're attractive: I'm ok, I guess... sometimes I'm cute, sometimes I look horrible. It depends.
-- think you're a health freak: Nah, I eat what I like (unless it gives me heartburn). But I eat relatively healthy stuff.
-- get along with parents: When I'm at college, I do
-- play an instrument: Not any more, but I used to play piano, guitar, and harmonica (I was never any good at any of those)

Series Six - In the past month, did/have you:
-- drank alcohol: no, but I probably will between May 12 and 18 since Nick plans to corrupt me before my 21st birthday (his is the 12th)
-- smoke(d): nope, and I haven't set anything on fire either
-- done a drug: Do Pepto Bismol and Titralac count? Because I need them after eating Brooks food...
-- had sex: still a virgin, thankyouverymuch
-- go on a date: never done that either
-- go to the mall: Yeah, I took my sis and her friends there over break, and I went to the bookstore for some manga
-- eaten an entire box of oreos: nope
-- eaten sushi: Yup, Megan and I had sushi over break! It was delightful.
-- been on stage: nope
-- gone skating: nope
-- made homemade cookies: no, though I'd like to
-- been skinny dipping: never done that
-- dyed your hair: nope
-- stolen anything: YES!!!!! I STASHED A NAPKIN FULL OF GRAHAM CRACKERS IN MY POCKETS AND STOLE THEM FROM BROOKS!!!!!! And so did Thom. It was his idea, actually. But it wasn't technically stealing, just breaking the eat-your-food-inside-Brooks rule.

Series Seven- People:
--who knows you the best: Probably Megan and the people who read this journal
--who is the funniest: Kathy, Evil Thom, and my sister
--who can sing the best: Kathy
--best dress: I don't know... maybe my housemate Carolyn
--person you can tell anything to: Well, I tell different friends different things. So I don't tell anyone "anything."
--most emotional: Spam and Nick (he cries more than I do during certain movies, which I find amusing)
--tallest: hmmm... I don't know. As for guys, maybe Nick, and as for girls, either Megan or Jenn
--shortest: I'm going with D's answer - Ade!!! I <3 Ade!!!
--farthest away: Welsh Tom and Gen
--closest: Katie (she lives across the hall, can't get much closer than that)
--person(s) who you'd like to see more: the Alphans!
--craziest: Depends on the type of crazy. Silly-crazy would be either me, Derek, or my sister, reckless-crazy would be Kathy, and mentally crazy... I don't know. Kathy?
--closest friend: I don't have just one... but there are different "rings" of closeness. The closest ones are probably Megan, Ben, Nick, and my cats
--closest family member: Grandma Mel, she's awesome
--best taste in music: Megan
--most attractive: Hmmm, that's a toughie. I really don't know.
--toughest: Jenn can really kick ass!

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